Gaw - Gtk Analog Wave viewer

What is ?

Gaw is a Linux software tool for displaying analog waveforms from sampled datas, for example from the output of simulators or input from sound cards. Data can be imported to gaw using files, direct tcp/ip connection or directly from the sound card. Gaw is based on the Gtk2+ toolkit.

If you have ever heard about gwave, Gaw is just a rewrite of gwave, and the first attempt is to provide the same basic features as gwave. So don't be surprised to find the same look and quite the same behaviour !

I have been using gwave for many years and this tool is full of good ideas, thanks to the initial author. Unfortunately, with recent Linux systems, it is impossible even to compile. The code is stuck to obsolete libraries, and more, is a mixture of C and Guile scripting language, this, of course, makes it difficult to understand and maintain. The first mission of this tool is to display and let you discover with you eyes what is in the data and not to process the data. So, I think, the scripting is not needed as this and if processing is a goal, it is easier to write a non graphic tool for this purpose and, why not, call this tool to display the processed data. We have to think about...


Gaw displays one or more X-Y datasets in one or more panels. Those datasets are loaded from a file. You can give the file name on the command line or from the menu. You can also drag and drop your file from the desktop to the panel.

Each data file contains the independent variable and one or more datasets. When loaded, the dataset names are listed in List window. To plot a wave, one can drag and drop a button from the list to a panel. Another way to do the same : first select the panel and double click the button in the window list.

Once displayed, a wave can be moved or copied from one panel to another by drag and drop the wave button in the main window.

The interesting feature of the tool is the zoom facility that let you discover in depth what is in your data and what you cannot do by just looking in your data file.


The main gaw features are :

In this context, the word Unlimited means limited only by the machine resources.


gtk analog wave viewer

The main window displays the panels : 2 by default, but you can add as many as can stand on your screen and even more in a scrollable window.

More on data displayed? ... it is Here.

gtk analog wave viewer

This is the wave list window, with each item corresponding to a dataset from the data file.

As you can see, previous gwave users would not be lost !.

Requirements, Installation, How to use

see this page on How to use Gaw.

Data File formats

Gaw comes with the original data file formats. To get more on the formats see this page.

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See Changelog file in package for information on changes.


The Gaw software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.