gEDA-gschem Symbols collection

What is ?

gedasym is my collection of symbols used by the schematics editor gschem from the gEDA Suite [1]. A symbol is a drawing to represent, in a schematic, a component like a transistor, inductor, capacitor,.... They are also drawn or modified by using gschem. Some day, I had to create them, because I cannot find them in gEDA distributions.

I put these symbols here for people wanting to open one of my schematics with gschem. Schematics have just a reference to them, but do not include them. So, to cleanly open a schematic you will need a copy of them somewhere on your machine.

The use of these symbols is not limited to modify my schematics, you can draw your own and use them until they are included in gEDA.


Just unpack the downloaded file where you like. Unpacking will give you a directory gedasym.

tar zxvf gedasym-20181130.tar.gz

To embed the symbols in the gschem symbol library, add a line like the next example in your ${HOME}/.gEDA/gafrc. Replace Path_to_gedasym with the full path to the directory where you unpacked the file.

(component-library "Path_to_gedasym/gedasym")